DISA kicked off the year with a training programme that was attended by two interns from the National University of Lesotho. They are currently involved in setting up an institutional repository and came out to SA to acquire the hands-on training. It was an intensive two-week  programme. The DISA staff designed individual training modules for the various processes involved in setting up a digital library/archive. The interns were advised on the necessary hardware and software requirements. Extensive hands-on training was offered on file management, file naming conventions, the digitization process, the post processing of the scans, the creation of metadata for each document/item using Dublin Core as well Greenstone models, workflow processes, database management, quality control and digital rights management. Much of the first week of training focused on digitization and the interns were given the opportunity to digitize different types of media. In the second week, preservation and storage of digital objects was covered and finally the creation of a website from which to serve the digital archive. 

The two interns were instructed on how to write their own guidelines which they took home with them to guide their own process of training others at the University library. At the end of the two-week period the interns felt a little overwhelmed but also well informed on the processes involved and the ins and outs of setting up a digital repository.

Internships serve a vital function between training and implementation. Overall it was a valuable learning experience for the trainees as well as the host and based on the positive outcomes, DISA is planning to host more internships in the future.

For more information send an e-mail to disa@ukzn.ac.za


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