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 Photo By goXunuReviews/Courtesy Flickr

Photo By goXunuReviews/Courtesy Flickr

One of my favourite pastimes is trawling the bookshops to see what’s new and interesting on the shelves. Of course I eventually succumb and end up purchasing more to add to the growing pile on my night stand. I can be labelled a bibliophile - there’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing on a rainy afternoon with a novel. But with our hectic lifestyles there’s something to be said about the convenience of an e-reader and having access to a whole library of digital books that can be read anywhere and at any time (on a plane, in the bath!). It seems that the burgeoning digital book market is giving traditional book sellers a run for their money. According to a recent article by Victor Keegan in the Mail & Guardian online, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader holds the biggest share when it comes to the percentage of digital books sold. The Apple iPad and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are worthy competitors. The article states that Amazon has also ventured into making audio and video books available. Apparently there are others who are keen to be part of the race and have developed some interesting alternatives in making books accessible in digital form. Keegan reassures us that “…the product itself - the book - is not threatened, only the way it it is read”. There’s a book revolution out there and it’s up to us as readers to decide what the future may hold.

Reference: Keegan, V. (October 26, 2010). Who will control the future of books. Mail and Guardian online.

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The Itafa Amalinde Heritage Trust (formerly the Durban Heritage Trust) has published a very useful guide to the architecture and history of Durban. The covers, especially the back cover (below right), give a hint of the diversity of images in the guide book.



Designed and edited by Brian Kearney, the guide is a compact 64 pages, with accompanying maps, and covers a wide range of topics by way of an introduction to the people and places of a city rich in cultural heritage. The guide brings to notice the fragility of this richness and introduces the reader to the diversity and interest which characterises the city. Noteworthy buildings are listed and natural history, religion, technology, trade, recreation and sport are some of the topics covered in the guide, well illustrated with photographs.

The guide is currently available only in physical format at a cost of R80.00 including post and packaging. Orders can be e-mailed to David Bennett  Further details are available here.


Inside Quatro: Uncovering the Exile History of the ANC and SWAPO

Author: Paul Trewhela
Publisher: Jacana Media
Available from: 
This title uncovers some of the exile history of the ANC and SWAPO that both organisations would prefer not to remember. Here is a first-hand account of the ANC’s Quatro prison camp and of the mutiny in Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) in Angola in 1984; articles on the SWAPO ’spy drama’ of the 1970s and 1980s; an analysis of a death in exile with implications relating to Jacob Zuma; and a study of the responses of both the ANC and SWAPO to these episodes of intolerance, repression and excess. In all his essays, Trewelha analyses problems of the liberation struggles with a former insider’s knowledge and a journalist’s ability to ferret out the facts.