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In support of Open Access Week the Library and Information Service at Stellenbosch University (SU) hosted a virtual seminar on Open Access to Information on the 20th October 2010. Various aspects of open access were discussed including publishing in an open access journal, the use of open access software, and open access from a researcher’s perspective. To demonstrate its commitment to sharing knowledge and research with the world, Stellenbosch University became the first African University to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in Sciences and Humanities. The signing took place during the event.

The presentations are available online from the Stellenbosch institutional research repository, SUNScholar:

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A call went out recently for comments on the comparative evaluation of 4 IR software packages - DSpace, ePrints, Fedora and Zentity.

The project blog at gives more information …

The analysis includes both qualitative and quantitative measures taken from default installations of the repositories on a benchmark machine with a predefined base collection. The repository software will also be evaluated on the execution of four common workflows: consume, submit, accept, and batch.

Our aim is to produce a holistic evaluation that will describe the four repository software packages in a comparative manner, similar in approach to Consumer Reports. The output of this study will be useful for repository developers, repository managers, and especially those who are selecting a repository for the first time. As members of these respective communities and the organizations who support them are increasingly collaborating (e.g, DuraSpace), this study will help identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of each solution to inform the “best-of-breed” in future solutions that may be developed.

We solicited and received input from the principals of each repository project. The purpose of this blog is to request comments from the DSpace, Fedora, e-Prints, and Zentity developer and user communities to help us refine our evaluative criteria and appropriate measures and methods. Comments can be left at

The theme of the Open Repositories 2010 Conference is “The Grand Integration Challenge”. A call for Papers, Posters


and Workshops has been made. An excerpt from their website indicates that ….

Repositories have been successfully established — within and across institutions — as a major source of digital information in a variety of environments such as research, education and cultural heritage. In a world of increasingly dispersed and modularized digital services and content, it remains a grand challenge for the future to cross the borders between diverse poles:

  • the web and the repository,
  • knowledge and technology,
  • wild and curated content,
  • linked and isolated data,
  • disciplinary and institutional systems,
  • scholars and service providers,
  • ad-hoc and long-term access,
  • ubiquitous and personalized environments,
  • the cloud and the desktop.

The Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain, 6-9 July 2010.