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African literature association 1997 conference

AFRICAN LITERATURE ASSOCIATION 1997 CONFERENCE "FESPACO Nights in Michigan: African Film and Literature".......


AUETSA will be held at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. Following recent tradition, the organizing committee has chosen a broad the matic focus for the conference. 



25°' Annual Conference or the African Literature Association: Continental North-South and Diaspora Connections and.....


Commonwealth Triennial Conference Abstracts 1998.

Welcome the foreign delegates of the 11th Commonwealth Triennial Conference to Malaysia. The Commonwealth Triennial Conference on Language and Literature is an important international forum that allows for an exchange of ideas and culture......


Affirmative Action Report Sponsored by the US Embassy

The following report describes the learning. points resulting from the South African Affirmative Action Group's (SAAAG) visit......

Affirmative action into the '90s : discussion paper

This Discussion Paper is a very important part of the process of review.

UDW/The Mercury/Coastal group ltd international conference on current economic policy issues Durban
The role of central banks in todays economies
The budget GEAR and the emasculation of the role of the state in the national economy
Fiscal and monetary policy and the GEAR

Survey of Indians in SA - articles prepared by staff  of University of Durban-Westville

Focus on Cities
Beyond the bend: South Africa, Southern Africa and Namibian independence (IDASA occasional papers)
ANC 50th National conference
The role of media under Apartheid
ANC Strategy and Tactics As amended at the 50th National Conference, December 1997
ANC Strategy and Tactics as adopted at the 49th National Conference, December 1994
49th National Conference of the African National Congress (ANC) was held from 17 to 21 December 1994
Bulletin of the academy of third world studies 1 July 1990
Documents of the ANC Conference "Peoples of the World United Against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa": Arusha, Tanzania, 1-4 December 1987


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