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USAID in Africa - 2002 - 2005

News, Updates, and Resources from the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID Supports the Global Polio Fight.....

USAID in Africa Fall 2002

USAID in Africa Fall 2003

USAID in Africa Spring 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2004

SD Abstracts

Technical Information from the Africa Bureau's Office of Sustainable Development-AFR/SD Winter 2002

Making Progress in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa faces some of the most severe development challenges in the world. Yet there is room for hope.....

Making Progress in Africa, 2001 (USAID)

Progress in Africa

FOCUS: No 92 January-February 1991

Talks under pressure Government accused of bad faith Differing interpretations by the ANC and the South African....

FOCUS: No 91 1 January 1991

The violence of the apartheid state, long recognised by the international community as inherent to the system, continues to threaten progress towards negotiations.

FOCUS: Supplement to No87 March-April 1990

political repression in South Africa and Namibia

FOCUS:No 87 March - April 1990

Political repression in South Africa and Namibia

Democracy Watch

THE Democracy for All (DFA) programme, launched by t he Centre for Socio-legal Studies (CSLS) in 1993, is a national educational project which aims to provide eill South Africans with a pract ical . understanding of democratic principles e1nd practice. People from around the

Currents - Vol 9 No 2

According to the terms of the 1994 amendment to Section 29 of the Correctional Services Act, children are meant_ to be distinguished from adults, and as a result

The Forum - Volume 9 Number 1 - April 1960

An enterprise whose products are vital to the progress of the world, must have "progress" as its own watchword. That is.....

South African History : a new look

South African History : a new look. N G Garson p 287-292 African Studies - CA 1975

History in the English-Speaking Universities of South Africa - 1920

Non-resident historians interested in the field of South African history should, before coming
to the Republic, carefully plan their research projects. All important secondary works and source
material available in print should be consulted overseas.

The Zululand Explorer

There are few places in Africa that rival the diversity of experiences and adventu on offer to the 'Explorer' in Zululand......

SABRA Nuusbrief - Newsletter - Junie/June 1980 No. 19
SABRA, Journal of Racial affairs - Oct 1968 Vol 19 No 4
SABRA, Journal of Racial affairs - April 1974 VOL 25 No 2

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The Wiser Review: No 1, July 2004

A series of essays compiled by Wiser, University of Witwatersrand

Build Congress Bulletin No.2

The next Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress will.......

Letter from Nersen to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Nersen to Phyllis Naidoo.


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