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ANC national General Council, 11-15/07/2000
IFP National Manifesto

South Africa can and must be better. It is an extraordinary country endowed with extraordinary people and a wealth of resources. If South Africa is going to be the twenty-first century success story that we all know it can be, bold change is needed now.

UDM manifesto
Democratic Alliance manifesto
ANC manifesto 2004
ANC Youth league consolidated Programme of Action, 2000-2001

Youth Action towards the African Century

South African Historical Society - Eighth Biennial Conference - 30-June 1981 - 3-July 1981

Southern African History: Perspectives and Future Directions

RDP Management Programme

For Senior Executives in the Private and Public Sectors

A.S.C. Programme of demands for the Indian People


Programme of demands for the Indian People


Indians born in this country and those who.....

Political organisations

Papers and Programmes of the "Story of the people in South Africa

Papers and Programmes of the "Story of the people in South Africa

African Literature Association 24th Annual Conference

As part of the national celebrations to mark the decade of freedom, the Documentation Centre and the Campbell Collections of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will jointly host a conference of the International Anti-Apartheid Movement over three days in Durban from 10 - 13 October, 2004.  The confe

NUSAS resumé 1981

Record of some of the main events that the National Union of South African Students initiated or was involved in during 1981, in particular, political events and continuing state repression.

Permanent Organisers Department SASO Leadership Training Programmes: Black Youth Groups and Schools

Programme and motivation for leadership training amongst Black youth Groups and schools

Memorial Service for Oliver Tambo: Order of service

Order of service for Oliver Tambo's memorial service.

University of the Western Cape, Special Graduation Ceremony, 25 October 1991

Programme for Oliver Tambo's honorary degree ceremony at the University of the Western Cape, 15 October 1991. Includes the words of the South African national anthem

South Africa - towards a post-apartheid economy: a Consultative Seminar, Holiday Inn, Harare, 28 April - 1 May 1990

Programme of seminar organised by the ANC Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions and the Economic Trends Group in Harare, 28 April to 1 May 1990. Includes list of participants and papers to be presented.

Church service in support of restrictees

Programme for a church service in support of restrictees. It covers the purpose of the service and announcements, presentation and introduction of restrictees, and national anthem.

Conference Programme: Five Freedoms Forum and African National Congress - The role of Whites in a changing society, June 29 - July 2, 1980,

Conference Programme of the Five Freedoms Forum and African National Congress: The role of whites in a changing society, June 29-July 2.


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