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The Isipingo business district : its accessibility and locational advantages contribute to its existence
Indian railway labour in Natal 1876-1895
Understanding the Dynamics of Social Control in Rural South Africa:Traditional Leaders and the Allocation of Development Resources in KwaZulu-Natal
Political Science
Religio-Cultural Dynamics of the San and Their Influence on Zulu Religion and Culture

There are numerous heritage-tourism artifacts and creative talent in the Ugu region enabling the place to serve as a heritage-tourism destiny......

Proposal for Princess Mkabayi Beadwork Society

Junod, (1938: 36) remarks that" .... in spite of all the positive elements to be found in the Bantu languages, a very definite defect in the Bantu [as is proven], is their poor system of numeration"

Heritage Tourism Potential in the Ugu Region: A Project

The purpose of this investigation is to identify the tourism potential of the Ugu Region in terms of historical and cultural sites as well as natural resources, in order to establish a sustainable tourism package that will benefit the people living in the area.

History of KZN Natal Zulus - Traditional Zulu File

Compared to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal with their battlefields and nature reserves and the enhancement of the Midlands, the southern area of the province has not developed as far as tourism is concerned. There are, however, areas that could be ear-marked for tourism development.

Zimbabwe Rhodesia: A search fro Unity

Political Science Project

Zambia "It's Independence and place in South Africa"

Political Science Project

The underdevelopment of the Blacks and their Education system until the Soweto riots

Political Science Project

Discuss the political validity of Martin Luther King;s role in the Civil Rights Struggle in the United States

Political Science Project

The High Price of Peace

Political Science Project

The African National Congress

History of the ANC

SWA's Quest for Independence from SA

Political Science project on Walvis Bay

Soviet Foreign relations with Southern African States

The collapse of the Portuguese Colonial empire and the acceleration the struggle for black majority rule have combined to make.......

South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
Discuss the formation and development of the organization of African Unity after its ten years existence.

The roots of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)......

Non-violence - Gandhi's philosophy of Passive Resistance


National democratic movements in selected countries on the third World

Marxism serves as a useful theoretical framework for examining social conflict and social change. By pinpointing the mode of production and the
social relations of production as the basis of social formations,


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