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Staff: Ubhoko lweNkosi

Wooden carved staff with a snake coiled around it, specificaly made for Kings or Chiefs.

Staff: Ubhoko Lwesikhundla

Long wooden darved staff made for those in authority.

Staff: Ubhoko Lwesikhundla

Long wooden carved staff made for those in authority.

Staff: Ubhoko lwesikhundla

Wooden carved staff, made for those in authority hence it is called 'ubhoko lwesikhundla'.


Wooden carved staffs designed for kings.


Wooden carved staff called 'Inhlendla' with a handle.


Wooden carved arrow shaped weapon called Inhlendla.


Wooden carved Spear.

Spear and walking Stick

Wooden carved spear and a walking stick.

Zulu Military Staff

Set of Zulu military staff.

Northern Province Staff

Set of staff from Northern Province.

John Clark Collection

Karkloof Polo Team (Shaw Brothers). Winners of Cup at Polo tournament. Won 3 times, and now their property. Picture taken 18/07/1906

Xhosa Staff

Wooden staff for Xhosa elderly men, they used it as a walking stick.

John Clark Collection

Fort Pearson, a famous strongpoint on a bluff overlooking the river Tugela. The young visitor gazes from the fort across to Zululand and the farm Tenedos where another smaller fort was set up.

Zulu Knobkerries

Set of Zulu knobkerries in different shapes.

Zulu Knobkerries

A Set of Zulu knobkerries win various styles and shapes. 

Zulu Knobkerries

A set of Zulu knobkerries, used as weapons for fighting.

Zulu Boy: Phendula

Zulu boy Phendula wearing a kitchen uniform as a Tea boy at white man's house.

Zulu Boy: Phendula

Zulu boy named Phendula tending his father's goats on the fields.

John Clark Collection

Battle of Isandlwana


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