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Ethnology Collection

Ethnology Collection from the Majozi family at Msinga. Beaded belt and necklaces.

Ethnology Collection

Ethnology Collection from Emabomvini; ear studs, headdress and necklace.

Ethnology Collection

Ethnology Collection from Dalton in KwaZulu- Natal. An apron, necklace and a beaded belt.

"The house of ghosts"

"The house of ghosts"

Ethnology Collection

Ethnology Collection. Girdles and a calabash.

Cocks fighting

Scene of cocks fighting.

"Spirit of creation"

"Spirit of creation"


Scene of people gambling.

African man playing flute

African man playing flute.

"Myself in 1968"

Self portrait of Paul Sibisi.

Wedding Dance

People dancing during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


A young maiden attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding. 


Mrs. Ngcobo  and her Matron of honour leading the family to meet the in-laws.

"The Sheperd"

Scene of two people, trees, sheep and huts in the background.  


Scene of young boys hunting.


Painting of Isangoma with Ishoba and a container. 

King Cetshwayo

King Cetshwayo - "A sad farewell to all my greatness"

"Prevailing Vegitation"

"Prevailing Vegitation"

"On the road to Kranskop"

Scene of mountainS in Kranskop, KZN.


Mountain in Kranskop, KZN.


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