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Children of Soweto
Discuss the political validity of Martin Luther King;s role in the Civil Rights Struggle in the United States

Political Science Project

The African National Congress

History of the ANC

SWA's Quest for Independence from SA

Political Science project on Walvis Bay

Soviet Foreign relations with Southern African States

The collapse of the Portuguese Colonial empire and the acceleration the struggle for black majority rule have combined to make.......

Non-violence - Gandhi's philosophy of Passive Resistance


National democratic movements in selected countries on the third World

Marxism serves as a useful theoretical framework for examining social conflict and social change. By pinpointing the mode of production and the
social relations of production as the basis of social formations,

International organization for World Peace and the maintenance of World Order
Compare unitary and federal Governments and discuss whether federalism will be a suitable constitutional arrangement for South Africa?

Will political power in South Africa's new constitution be centralised or decentralised?

Chief Gatsha Buthelezi

IFP - KwaZulu-Natal

African Unity: the evolution of an idea

Africans have always been aware of the domination and......

Project on African Nationlism

African Nationalism  is fast becoming an undesirahle force in the wcrld today

Various newspaper cuttings on the Natal Indian Congress - 1970

N.I.C. press cuttings

Don't Vote In SAIC Elections, Say Top Leaders / Staff Reporter, 1979

South African Indian Council

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