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Geography & Social Justice

In the middle of the 1980s South Africa's governing National Party still adhered to the policy of apartheid, or racial separation. But by the beginning
of the 1990s those same rulers were proclaiming a new society characterized......

Adverse conditions in the Merebank area and possible urban design interventions (Thesis, 2008) [Pollution, Amenities etc.]

While, many communities around South Africa have been affected by apartheid planning, some were left worse off than others. Apartheid planning followed a distinct socio-political and economic programme, as well as a particular development approach.

Towards a pastoral counselling model for adolescent suicidal behaviour

Over the past three decades, vouth suicide has become a mental and public health
problem of epidemic proportions. The sociaL oolitical and economic changes that have
occurred in South Africa over the nast two decades have had a verv visible imnact on the

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