Peter Brown Collection

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Letter from P.M. Brown to Christopher Merrett

It is true that REALITY tries to avoid publishing letters......

Letter from Christoper Merrett

I seem to remember reading in an old issue of..........


Letter from P.M. Brown to AFRAPIX

I am returning with this l etter your SATS strike photographs....

Note of the following journal Reality V.19 No.3 1987
Letter from Peter to Professor Cavin Stewart

Thank you for the copies of CUE......

Minutes of a Reality Board Meeting held on Tuesday 11th August 1987


Letter from Venn, Nemeth and Hart to Peter Brown for Reality Board


I write to apologise for the delay in acknowledging receipt of..........


Letter to from the Department of History to Peter Brown

Dear Peter , Sorry to be so long in replying to your letter of 18 June . My major difficulty was extracting replies from the other people I had approached

The Officials and Members of the Natal Indian Congress invite

The officials and Members of the Natal Indian Congress Centenary Celebration

The State President of the Republic of South Africa invite

The State President of Repubic of South Africa......


The State President of the Republic of South Africa Invitation

The state President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Nelson R. Mandela request the pelasure of your company.....

Thank You card to Mr Brown from T.H. Gwala

A note to you with a personal touch.....

Invitation from T.H. Gwala & Family

Mr T.H. Gwala & Family invites you to the Unveiling of the Tombstone of Elda Kaipi......

Letter from the Labour Party Secretary of the International Department to Mr Peter Brown

very much appre ciate your letter of August 28th. The letter to the Observer, of which I enclosed a copy, appeared in their i ssue dated August 28th and I hope that it will have undone some of the damage which my original statement had unintentionally caused

Letter to Peter Brown from John

Thursday , 17th. Dear Peter,  Cyprian Thorpe, whom I saw on Tuesday at St Matthew's, was not as helpful as I had hoped he might be. He has of course been out of touch for five months and he said he is too busy to talk much politics on the mission .

Letter to Peter from J

25th November, 1964. Dear Peter , Thank you for your note. I am terribly sorry that I didn ' t tell you Sheila had gone. I saw Ursula this afte r noon and she said that she told you about it.

Letter to Peter from John

Thank you for your letter of the 11th. Ursula has been very unhappy.

15 Years on Robben Island 06/07/1964 to 16/11/1979
The South African Institute of International Affairs, Pietermaritzburg Branch, notice of meeting
Letter from Steve Fourie to Peter Brown


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