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The Muslim Digest Vol.20(1-12) Aug 1982-Jul 1970
The Muslim Digest Vol.19(1-12) Aug 1968-Jul 1969
The Muslim Digest Vol.17(1-12) Aug 1966-Jul 1967
The Muslim Digest Vol.16(1-12) Aug 1965 - Jul 1966
The Muslim Digest Vol.14(1-12) Aug 1963-Jul 1964
The Muslim Digest Vol.13(1-12) August 1962 to July 1963
NATAL'S Pioneer Indian Ford franchise-holder - Mr R S Naidoo
The Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki
The Union Of South Africa

The Union of South Africa is composed of the four provinces of the Cape, the Transvaal, the Orange Free State and Natal. Together they have about one-third the area of India........

Negotiation & Armed struggle in Contemporary South Africa

In December 1985 South African forces violated Lesotho's territory and mur-dered a number of ANC cadres and Lesotho civilians in Maseru. A few days later, a bomb exploded in Amanzimtoti, killing a number of passers-by and injur-ing others.

Zululand, 1879-1887

A History of Natal has established a place for itself as a standard work of reference in libraries, schools and homes. Now, in paperback for the first time, it becomes available to yet another generation of readers. ...

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