Izwi lase Township 1982 - 1984 PDF Print
Publisher Ditshwantsho tsa Rona
Date 1982 - 1984
Resource type Journals
Language English

Extent 9 issues
Description Izwi lase Township was published by Ditshwantsho tsa Rona. It offered notes and views about current and past events. Though mainly concerned with Alexandra, since that was the home location of Ditshwantsho, it held that Alexandra was but a part of South Africa and shared in the general struggle of the country as a whole. The underlying philosophy of this publication was that it was necessary to understand society in order to change it; in line with this thinking the public was invited to participate in the paper by carrying out research and by contributing discussion. Ultimately, the ghetto status of the township was rejected, along with any strategies that attempted to divide it from other parts of the nation.
Issues 1982, April
1982, June/July
1982, August/September
1983, April/May
1983, July/August
1983, August/September
1983, December
1984, January
1984, July
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