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Publisher Liberal Party of S.A
Date 1961-1993
Resource type Journals
Language English
Extent 140 issues
Description Liberal Opinion (1961-1968) was published by the Liberal Party of South Africa which was established in 1953 by Alan Paton, after the National Government had won its second General Election. The Liberal Party stood firm for a democratic government; human rights; racial discrimination and non-violence for all South African citizens. The Liberal Party was forced to disband under the Prohibition of Political Interference Act of 1968 and this lead to the title change to Reality: a journal of liberal and radical opinion (1969-1993). The journal continued to focus on South African politics, its leaders and the activities of political parties.
  Liberal Opinion Vol.1 No.1 Sep 1961
Liberal Opinion Vol.1 No.2 Dec 1961
Liberal Opinion Vol.1 No.3 Mar 1962
Liberal Opinion Vol.1 No.4 Jul 1962
Liberal Opinion Vol.2 No.1 Oct 1962
Liberal Opinion Vol.2 No.2 Feb 1963
Liberal Opinion Vol.2 No.3 Jun 1963
Liberal Opinion Vol.2 No.4 Sep 1963
Liberal Opinion Vol.3 No.1 Jan 1964
Liberal Opinion Vol.3 No.2 Apr 1964
Liberal Opinion Vol.3 No.3 July 1964
Liberal Opinion Vol.3 No.4 Oct 1964
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.1 Jan 1965
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.2 May 1965
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.3 Aug 1965
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.4 Mar 1966
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.5 Jun 1966
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.6 Sep 1966
Liberal Opinion Vol.4 No.7 Dec 1966
Liberal Opinion Vol.5 No.1 Mar 1967
Liberal Opinion Vol.5 No.2 Jun 1967
Liberal Opinion Vol.5 No.3 Sep-Oct 1967
Liberal Opinion Vol.6 No.1 Jan 1968
Liberal Opinion Vol.6 No.2 Apr 1968
Reality Vol.4 No.1 Mar 1972
Reality Vol.4 No.2 May 1972
Reality Vol.4 No.3 Jul 1972
Reality Vol.4 No.4 Sep 1972
Reality Vol.4 No.5 Nov 1972
Reality Vol.4 No.6 January 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.1 Mar 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.2 May 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.3 Jul 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.4 Sep 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.5 Nov 1973
Reality Vol.5 No.6 Jan 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.1 Mar 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.2 May 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.3 Jul 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.4 Sep 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.5 Nov 1974
Reality Vol.6 No.6 Jan 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.1 Mar 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.2 May 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.3 Jul 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.4 Sep 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.5 Nov 1975
Reality Vol.7 No.6 Jan 1976
Reality Vol.8 No.1 Mar 1976
Reality Vol.8 No.2 May 1976
Reality Vol.8 No.3 Jul 1976
Reality Vol.8 No.4 Sep 1976
Reality Vol.8 No.6 Jan 1977
Reality Vol.9 No.1 Mar 1977
Reality Vol.9 No.2 May 1977
Reality Vol.9 No.3 Jul 1977
Reality Vol.9 No.4 Sep 1977
Reality Vol.9 No.5 Nov 1977
Reality Vol.10 No.1 Jan 1978
Reality Vol.10 No.2 Mar 1978
Reality Vol.10 No.3 May 1978
Reality Vol.10 No.4 Jul 1978
Reality Vol.10 No.6 Nov 1978
Reality Vol.11 No.1 Jan 1979
Reality Vol.11 No.2 Mar 1979
Reality Vol.11 No.3 May 1979
Reality Vol.11 No.4 Jul 1979
Reality Vol.11 No.5 Sep 1979
Reality Vol.11 No.6 Nov 1979
Reality Vol.12 No.1 Jan 1980
Reality Vol.12 No.2 Mar 1980
Reality Vol.12 No.3 May 1980
Reality Vol.12 No.4 Jul 1980
Reality Vol.12 No.5 Sep 1980
Reality Vol.12 No.6 Nov 1980
Reality Vol.13 No.1 Jan 1981
Reality Vol.13 No.2 Mar 1981
Reality Vol.13 No.3 May 1981
Reality Vol.13 No.4 Jul 1981
Reality Vol.13 No.5 Sep 1981
Reality Vol.13 No.6 Nov 1981
Reality Vol.14 No.1 Jan 1982
Reality Vol.14 No.2 Mar 1982
Reality Vol.14 No.3 May 1982
Reality Vol.14 No.4 Jul 1982
Reality Vol.14 No.5 Sep 1982
Reality Vol.14 No.6 Nov 1982
Reality Vol.15 No.1 Jan 1983
Reality Vol.15 No.2 Mar 1983
Reality Vol.15 No.3 May 1983
Reality Vol.15 No.4 Jul 1983
Reality Vol.15 No.5 Aug 1983
Reality Vol.15 No.6 Nov 1983
Reality Vol.16 No.1 Jan 1984
Reality Vol.16 No.2 Mar 1984
Reality Vol.16 No.3 May 1984
Reality Vol.16 No.4 Jul 1984
Reality Vol.16 No.5 Sep 1984
Reality Vol.16 No.6 Nov 1984
Reality Vol.17 No.1 Jan 1985
Reality Vol.17 No.2 Mar 1985
Reality Vol.17 No.3 May 1985
Reality Vol.17 No.4 Jul 1985
Reality Vol.17 No.5 Sep 1985
Reality Vol.17 No.6 Nov 1985
Reality Vol.18 No.1 Jan 1986
Reality Vol.18 No.2 and 3 Mar-May 1986
Reality Vol.18 No.4 Jul 1986
Reality Vol.18 No.5 Sep 1986
Reality Vol.19 No.1 Jan 1987
Reality Vol.19 No.2 Mar 1987
Reality Vol.19 No.3 May 1987
Reality Vol.19 No.4 Jul 1987
Reality Vol.19 No.5 Sep 1987
Reality Vol.19 No.6 Nov 1987
Reality Vol.20 No.1 Jan 1988
Reality Vol.20 No.2 and 3 Mar-May 1988
Reality Vol.20 No.4 Jul 1988
Reality Vol.20 No.5 Sep 1988
Reality Vol.20 No.6 Nov 1988
Reality Vol.21 No.1 Jan 1989
Reality Vol.21 No.3 May 1989
Reality Vol.21 No.4 Jul 1989
Reality Vol.21 No.5 Sep 1989
Reality Vol.21 No.6 Nov 1989
Reality Vol.22 No.1 and 2 Jan-Mar 1990
Reality Vol.22 No.3 May 1990
Reality Vol.22 No.4 Jul 1990
Reality Vol.22 No.5 Sep 1990
Reality Vol.22 No.6 Nov 1990
Reality Vol.23 No.1 and 2 Jan-Mar 1991
Reality Vol.23 No.3 May 1991
Reality Vol.23 No.4 Jul 1991
Reality Vol.23 No.5 Sep 1991
Reality Vol.23 No.6 Oct 1991
Reality Vol.24 No.1 Jan 1992
Reality Vol.24 No.2 Mar-Apr 1992
Reality Vol.24 No.3 May-Jun 1992
Reality Vol.24 No.4 Aug 1992
Reality Vol.24 No.5 Jan 1993
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