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Apdusa Views

Publisher African People's Democratic Union of Southern Africa (Natal) Durban
Date 1984 - 1994
Resource type Journals
Language English
Keywords TOPIC 386a
Extent 66 issues
Description Apdusa Views was first published in 1984. In that issue it was stated: "Apdusa Views sees as its task to act as a watchdog of the oppressed people. We intend to comment to warn and to expose all those who act against the interest of the people. This duty we promise to carry out without fear or favour." As an affiliated body of the New Unity movement the successor to the Numbern-European Unity Movement (NEUM) Apdusa presented its views as the concept of equality of all human beings and the rejection of concepts like "superior and inferior" races; the principle of Numbern-racialism and a merciless attack on racialism in all its forms; the unity of all the oppressed African Coloured and Indian people; the policy of Numbern-collaboration which amongst other things meant the rejection of government-created dummy institutions designed for "inferior races"; the boycott as a weapon of struggle; a set of minimum Numbern-negotiable demands in the form of the "Ten Point Programme" as a basis for unity. The underlying theme running throughout its pages was that of developing the New Unity Movement into an effective force capable of intervening meaningfully in current events taking place in South Africa at the time; Apdusa Views was therefore a call on the oppressed especially the 'workers and peasants' to give their whole-hearted support to the ideals expressed by the Unity Movement.
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