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Clarion Call Volume 4 1985

Clarion Call
Date 1985-00-00
Resource type Journal issues


Extent 36 page(s)
Articles Who will the US promote in SA
Plea for positive Western pressure
First phase of civil war has started
Sanctions could result in brutal SA backlash
The options: war or compromise
The nature of the struggle
What role should the Church play?
Governments may change - but policies remain
Israel to take tough SA stand
Sanctions: Reagan makes the first move
What will the State President do next?
Who will stand up and be counted?
The voice of youth who want peace
Free Mandela and give him a choice
Government must be bold
The SA I would like to see
Are these the words of a moderate leader?
Pretoria hoisted by its own petard
Fraser calls for sanctions aimed at Whites
Tutu envisages a system of socialism in South Africa
Reform will rescue SA economy, says Howe
Was Senator Kennedy listening?
Culture should join people - not divide them
EEC Ministers hear various viewpoints
"Positive" action to help Blacks
Letters, telegrams and phone calls
What the papers are saying
Digital rights Digital Innovation South Africa

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