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Critical Health Number 35 November 1991

Publisher Editorial collective

Date 1991-11-00
Resource type Journal issues
Keywords HEALTH


Extent 115 page(s)
Articles Editorial
The winds of change?
A response to Dr Coen Slabbert
Political parties and a national health service
How much support is there for an NHS?
A framework for understanding the financing of health care
A National Health Service and the future of the private sector - the case for a National Health Insurance
Community participation in health - the Tamboville Health Committee
PHC, the Alexander Health Centre and some implications for an NHS in South Africa
A note on personnel
Post-apartheid occupational health services: What about small industry and the informal sector?
Everything you wanted to know about health systems, but were afraid to ask
A National Health Service - The UK experience
Women, class, racism and the British NHS
Resource list
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