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Cosatu News May 1988


Publisher COSATU

Date 1987-05-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Extent 22 page(s)
Articles Forward to the Special Congress
Cosatu office-bearers say: forward with the struggle
Cosatu takes a critical look at itself at CEC meeting
Cops surround Cosatu offices
Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built
No rights for domestic and farm workers
Public sector unions under vicious attack
"No!" to the wage freeze
Privatisation: Botha listens to the bosses
Privatisation - what it does
Numsa builds councils to challenge monopoly capital
Truckers strike to win rights to national negotiations
Lessons in building councils
Unions to form council to cover SAB factories
Bill to stop workers from legal strike action
Bill must die - Cosatu members
Cosatu ban: state hopes to smash apartheid resistance
What the restriction means to Cosatu
Attack on media: Botha govt out to silence opposition
May Day is ours
State in a bid to link Alex 5 with "total onslaught"
Deregulation will pave the way to exploitation
Miners sueing Vlok go missing
Campaign for jobs or living benefits - NUWW
NUM set to end apartheid sports
Magnification of special occasions benefit struggle
Lesson of Crossroads squatter struggles
The fight for Maritzburg is far from being over
Inkatha men blamed for Mphophomeni murders
Botha learns from Chilean dictators
The lessons to be learnt from British coal miners' strike
We have had a critical look at our role as a leadership collective: A message from the Executive
We're making knowledge our weapon
Violence against our leaders
Building the working class
Unity is strength
We have to put democracy into practice
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