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Fosatu Worker News Number 31 August 1984


Publisher Federation of South African Trade Unions

Date 1984-08-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Keywords UNIONS


Extent 12 page(s)
Articles Don't Vote: as elections creep nearer FOSATU goes door to door urging people not to vote
Petrol bombs hit unionists' homes
Premier tussles with SFAWU
Supervisors demand to be recognised union members
Executive slams union split
Huge step towards proper child care
FOSATU calls for release of detainees
KDC's minimum doubled
Jubilant Alfa workers return victorious
Jaguar workers stage mass walk-out
Closed shop victory
Garment union backs down on its threat to fire NUTW members
What charity!
AECI Vynide workers strike
Wage hike after bitter strike
Uniply workers pack industrial court case
Workers take the lead!
SEIFSA heads for collision with metal workers
R6 million pay out
Biscuit union crumbles as workers leave to join SFAWU
FOSATU's worker festival
Child care centres needed
"Retrenchment an excuse to get rid of me" says 55-year-old Brown Lung victim
Equal wages for women!
Coal not dole!: an exclusive interview with a British miner
British coal strike enters fifth month
The making of the working class: Part 8 - 1907-1922 white workers revolt
Praise poem to FOSATU
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