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Fosatu Worker News Number 35/36 February/March 1985


Publisher Federation of South African Trade Unions

Date 1985-02-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Keywords UNIONS


Extent 16 page(s)
Articles A milestone!
Motor merger slammed
International pressure is a challenge to apartheid, says union vice-president
LP shows its true colours
Renault steward released after four-month detention
Toyota agreement
German unionist visits Transvaal Alloys
R15 000 paid to sacked Dunlop workers
Breakthrough at Dorbyl
CG Smith provident fund
Barlows company refuses to discuss retrenchments with shop stewards
R200 pension for life!
Court told to reconsider decision
TUCSA unions fail to block NUTW
Patons moves to Bophuthatswana
Bakers strike ends in victory
Transport workers flock in
Food workers issue call for unity
Factory wage talks in paper industry
New maternity benefits at Henkel
Demands for metal wage talks
Everything set for new federation
Working women
How many???
The making of the working class: Part 11 - The ICU collapses
Apartheid runs on Fluor power
American unionists demonstrate against apartheid
The shrinking car industry
The struggle for trade unions
We will not ride!
Workers' Day poster - May 1
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