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Fosatu Workers News Number 30 June 1984


Publisher Federation of South African Trade Unions

Date 1984-01-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Keywords UNIONS


Extent 12 page(s)
Articles Union tells shareholders Sarmcol is "a legend of bitterness and struggle"
May day march - Uniply fires them all!
Motorvia workers strike blow against exploitation
PWAWU steps up its fight against hard-nosed bosses by joining a industrial council
Hostels not fit for pigs
Frame Brown Lung campaign: nearly 100 workers show signs of cotton dust disease
TWIU distributes smear pamphlets
Auto union improves ityre industry`s "dismal" wages
Women demand guaranteed re-employment
Jatex offered bribe, claims union
Personnel officer fired for taking bribes
Zulu and gum boot dancers entertain at Vereeniging local
Millions of workers turned into foreigners by new Act
Workers' education fund
Sales tax rise shows contempt for workers
FOSATU calls on workers worldwide to unite and fight against oppression
"We mean business"
Thousands of coal miners strike for the right to work
The making of the working class: Part 7 - Indian workers arrive
Maternity - a worker right!
Women workers speak out at FOSATU booklet launch
Sigma signs first maternity agreement
R1 800 paid in back-pay
Three metal unions reject "final" offer
Maritzburg factory pays R6 500 to 5 workers following retrenchment
Pictures from MAWU's AGM
German chemical unionists visit South Africa's workers
New Federated Timbers' shop steward council
500 brewery workers demand higher wages
First worker spokesperson for knitting unions
Sexual harassment leads to Isithebe metal strikes
Overworked freight drivers stop work
Furnace heat makes you weak but the union makes you strong!
Advertisement: Fosatu Education Workshop
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