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Phambili Number 1 April 1988


Publisher APDUSA

Date 1989-12-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English

Extent 20 page(s)
Articles Sisulu wishes NUM strong 1990
Unity - CDF brings hope for broad action versus apartheid
Sisulu calls for mass action at CDF
CDF adopts OAU Declaration, resolves unity
Mineworkers news briefs
Sad, brave day as widows win
Mine food is eating workers
Sisulu on mine life
Talk by Sisulu salutes nation
Flags fly high at rally to welcome back leaders
Flags fly high at rally to welcome back leaders
One worker's story of discrimination at Kinross
Police beat NUM members after funeral of defiance victim
Mineworkers defy racism
Mines diary of action against racism
100 years poorer
A proud history of struggle by mineworkers against the Chamber
COSATU plans Charter
Talking about a Workers' Charter
Lucky is waiting on death row
Workers march against LRA
COSATU opens doors of learning
COSATU congress says build mass movement
COSATU Wits region salutes SACTU patriots
SWAPO win frees Namibia
Building people's power
Elect safety stewards to check mines
Families to sue Kinross
Safety conference resolutions
Disabled workers talk about problems
Leaders, heroes, fighters and fathers
Negotiating a path to power
Africa supports ANC demands on negotiations as a solution
Sharing the cake
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