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NUM News October 1985

Publisher D Tloome

Date 1985-10-00
Resource type Journal issues

Extent 19 page(s)
Articles Delegates prepare for NUM National Congress
Mineworkers rally to defend union
Unity is our weapon against bosses
People in the union
Mineworker briefs
World miner congress votes for solidarity
Mineworkers at the bottom of wages ladder
Branches must form living wage committees
National minimum wage in 1989
Boycott hits mining town hard
Forty thousand sign petition to save Mgedezi from death row
Police raid union offices and question organisers
Negotiations begin over mine Code of Conduct
The NUM Code of Conduct
Summit unites against labour act
Regional congresses resolve to fight mine repression
A year to unite in action in defence of NUM
Campaigns to build union and recruit members
Job racism is alive and well on the mines
Fake pamphlets to confuse workers
New law hands health and safety control to bosses who can't be trusted with lives
Workers must know their rights if injured
Accident monitor
Three safety agreements signed by NUM and mines
Co-operatives start small and cannot provide employment for everyone
Book exposes Anglo empire secrets
Singing and stamping our feet to freedom
Workers of the world
Anglo is trying very hard to buy Gold Fields
Cubans celebrate 30 years
MUM Congress supports SWAPO
"Our mines will continue until mines run by workers
ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa
Workers must discuss how guidelines add to Freedom Charter
Harry Gwala honoured for his life of struggle
Kidnapped ANC man gets 20 years jail
Happy eleven win Secunda soccer
Sports conference says workers must control facilities and organisations
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