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SASPU National Volume 7 Number 2 August 1981


Publisher SASPU

Date 1981-08-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English

Extent 24 page(s)
Articles Oppression at Westville
Vaal Committee opposes SAIC elections
Meer - AD has crucial decision
"Meat" protest students on trial
Union takes `car` bosses to court
Cosas calls for release of leaders
Banning won't stop us mass meeting vows
Police shoot teargas at protesting squatters
"Ford tries to force racial split in factory"
"Council, you're taking our rent!"
Labour reports
'Unity should be the watchword of the union movement'
How many of Inkatha's members see Mandela as their leader. Not all. but...
Wrab boils up a recipe for a black buffer class
Knock Knock Knock: we're still in union at the door and we're not going away until...
To buy or to resist - that`s the choice of the ghettos
Yes we CAN feed all those starving children
Colgate workers win recognition after legal strike action
Gumbi sentenced to five years under Terrorism Act
Solidarity and union power in East Cape
Dalton case is significant for housed workers
Big finance threatens art in America
Swinging in the slums
Marathon man Bruce explains THAT black armband
History of Black women in South Africa
Digital rights Digital Innovation South Africa

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