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SASPU National Volume 3 Number 2 August 1982


Publisher SASPU

Date 1982-08-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English

Extent 20 page(s)
Articles Death strikes as miners face bullets, batons and teargas
Square claims another detainee's life
ANC three sentenced to death in Pretoria trial
Banned Beyers' car hit again
Nusas festival focuses on education
Sweet campaign on despite intimidation
Witness jailed in first Ciskei terror trial
ANC appeal to be heard next month
State still to decide on fate of Saawu men
"Mass meeting says down with PW's puppet show
Students launch blueprint
Key to student strength is to organise and consolidate
Another banning ends for Helen
Women come together at Wits
Azaso launches committee to focus on women
Lone Lillian faces charges
Workers drive bosses into a corner
Mark Kaplan sent packing
Fort Hare rector expels 1500 'terrorist' students
Spy testifies against Fine
Union presses on after Mavi's death
Tributes paid to a 'Man of the people'
SATS trying to derail union on recognition
GWU demarcates in interest of unity
Bosses try to intimidate workers with a new Bill from Rabie
Workers strike out against divisions
Cosas leader missing
Detainees released after ten months
Heavy sentences for refusing to testify
Kimberley schoolboys held illegally say lawyers
Perjury charge in long Mpetha trial
What's behind the great South African homeland giveaway?
Underground workers have no say on surface
Match of the year: the game that never kicked off
There is something wrong in the 'state' of Venda
Mxenge murder - too many questions, too few answers
Parole as Island turns 21
Hogan alleges heavy handed action by SP
Latest laws are no fairy tale
Housing: Community leaders give firm 'No' to Pen's plans
Thousands will be evicted from Inanda homes
The house that CAHAC built
Administration Board ignores influx case
Taking the march forward
Cosas: an organising force in the classroom
The total onslaught of propaganda in the veld
Aggett's fellow detainees to give evidence at inquest
Detention support committees meet to plan future action
What's the use of doctors who can't be reached
A shot in the arm for apartheid education
Womens march in Pretoria: 9 August 1956
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