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Work in Progress Number 93 November 1993


Publisher Southern African Research Service

Date 1993-11-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Keywords WORKERS


Extent 68 page(s)
Articles Editorial comment: Let's get the agenda sorted out
Partners in conservation
Conference of the left
Botswana: The eagle has landed
Vietnam: Another little dragon
Latin America: Old times' sake
Ivy Matsepe-Casaburi
The mystery of the 'don't knows'
The new South African identity crisis
The Congress tradition: Equal but separate
Nation building - An interview with Neville Alexander
Race doesn't exist
Calling all Zulus
Customs, past and respect
Identity to the fore
A paler Inkatha?
Back to the future: Nationalism, internationally
Breaking the mould
Missionary zeal
Why development is a women's issue
X marks the spot: Land deal aims to win Kwa Zulu over
What does the deal mean?
Where is the land?
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