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An Iota of difference
An open letter to Nelson Mandela from ex-ANC detainees
An open letter to the United Democratic Front (Western Cape)

Open letter from members of the ANC to the United Democratic Front in the Western Cape on the state of organisation in the region.

Analysis of placement figures

African National Congress Education Secretariat's analysis of placement progress.

ANC - the long march to freedom
ANC 50th National conference
ANC 85th Anniversary 1997
ANC and its Alliance with the SACP
ANC befriends sellouts
ANC bogey image is false says group back from Lusaka
ANC Branch Letter

Branch letter in the ANC Cape Town Branch Newsletter summarising the ANC Political Education Discussion Paper, no. 5 called 'Mass organisation is key to victory!

ANC Call to the Nation: the future is within our grasp!

Pamphlet issued by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress. Call to the nation saying that change in South Africa is moving at a rapid pace and that intensified struggle is necessary.

ANC Conference

ANC Conference at Makgasa Hall Bochabela Bloemfontein votes for mass action 1951

ANC constitutional guidelines
ANC Cultural Boycott Policy

ANC position paper on the Cultural Boycott Policy as adopted by the National Executive Committee of the ANC.

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations. Argues that negotiated resolution of the South African question is urgent.

ANC e anamela leano la tokisetso (article written in Sotho language)
ANC experiences in health personnel development
ANC gold

Paper arguing against the nationalisation of the gold mining industry, by Peter Robbins, prepared for an ANC seminar on Economic Policy in Harare, Zimbabwe, in April and May 1990.

ANC guidelines


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