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Tunis diary
Tribute: Johnstone Johnny Mfanafuthi Makathini
Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Trekking into the ANC
Transvaal Non-European Peoples Conference
Trade unions COSATU press cuttings
Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension

Paper by Albie Sachs presented as the Third Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture in Maputo, 27 September 1985. Considers whether the struggle against apartheid is a national liberation struggle, or a struggle for civil rights.

Towards democratic unity
Towards a united front of anti-apartheid forces for democratic transformation

Memorandum aiming to open up debate on problems of a broad united front of anti-apartheid forces.

Towards a climax
Towards a campaigning and mass based ANC

Discussion of program of action for the Western Cape Region African National Congress.

Towards a Black church - a historical investigation of the African Independent Churches as a model
To the working men and women of the world

ANC message to workers of the world on the organisation's 70th Anniversary, requesting support.

To Nelson Mandela: Statement of the South African Church leaders on the occasion of his 70th birthday
To National Church organisations
Time for a new agenda
TIC coments on the ANC's constitutional guidelines
Third worldism: the albatross of socialism
Theses on the current situation

Article about the current South African political situation. Covers government strategies, the character and implications of the ANC's strategic gains, the place and role of released ANC leaders, and the issue of dual power.

The Voice of the All-African Convention

Newsletter of the All African Convention, Issue 17. Covers the African National Congress and the boycott of the elections.


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