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The Dadoo -Xuma-Naicker Pact, 1947
The current situation inside SA

Report from Natal on the current political situation in South Africa. Examines results of regime's repression. Demonstrates refusal of the people to submit to Inkatha or the Government.

The current internal political situation: briefing notes

African National Congress briefing notes on the South African political situation. Covers the political crisis within the ruling party, background to the present mass resistance, a brief review of current campaigns, and further proposals on a programme of mass action.

The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees

Circular entitled "The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees" during the early exile years.

The Creation of a Mass Movement: Strikes and Defiance , 1950 - 1952

The paper is a part of a large study of Black South African political history.......

The Congress of the people
The Conference on Marxism: September 1991: opening address
The Chairman and Comrades ANC SA Consultative Conference ...

Address by leader of the South African Congress of Trade Unions to the African National Congress Conference in Morogoro, Tanzania. Speaks about the virtual collapse of the trade union movement.

The Case of Samuel Mngqibisa (Elty Mhlekazi)
The bottom of the bottle
The bogus letter of expulsion

Report about a false letter regarding the expulsion from the ANC of eight members.

The Black Consciousness Movement
The bafabegiya
The ANC Ten Point Economic Plan for Jobs, Growth, Development, Peace & Stability
The ANC SACP alliance
The ANC Conference: from Kabwe to Johannesburg
The ANC Conference
The ANC Code of Conduct

Observations and suggestions on a document by Comrade Nelson Miya regarding the African National Congress's Code of Conduct written in consultation with Zola Skweyiya.

The ANC and the road to negotiations
The ANC and the Bill of Rights 1923 to 1993


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