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The people of South Africa have made a clear statement that they are confident that the ANC will lead
them to the achievement of the goal of a better life for all.

ANC Today Volume 8, No. 12. 28 March - 3 April 2008

First 100 Days: Good start for the Polokwane mandate
Rule of law: Public representatives should also respect the legal process

Correspondence between Magnus Gunther and Randolph Vigne
Correspondence between Randolph Vigne and Magnus Gunther
Correspondence between Magnus Gunther and Randolph Vigne
Correspondence between Randolph Vigne and Magnus Gunther
APDUSA Views - No 85 September 2007

1. The Killers and Rapists (not the Kaffirs, Mr President) are Coming.
2. An Atrocity Cover-up
3. African Time and Indian Time
4. Lost Control

APDUSA VIEWS - Issue No. 82 March 2007

Issue No. 82 March 2007

1. Women Betrayed !

2. Darfur: Stories of Survival

3. The Struggle for Cultured Speech

4. A Judge-President nobody believes


FOCUS: Supplement to No87 March-April 1990

political repression in South Africa and Namibia

Correspondence between Randolph Vigne and Magnus Gunther
South Africa and Independent Black Africa

In what has commonly been described as the opening or a new chapter in South Africa's relations with the rest or.....

Correspondence between Randolph Vigne and Magnus Gunther
Letter from John to Peter Brown
The Institution of Black Research Survey

Negotiations and Change - An Opinion Poll of 3725

The RDP Programme: A View from the Tripartite Alliance

This is more than a point to chalk up in the election......

The Reconstruction and Development Programme: A View from Business

Welcome elements
The RDP contains much that must be welcomed. Its very production is a positive step. Few political movements participating in lhe elections can have put on the table so comprehensive and detailed a document.

South Africa: Is the Revolution Over?

Ten years ago, socialists around the world were active in the struggle apartheid in South Africa, and looked to it as a beacon of hope.

South Africa and the Global Order: The Structural Conditioning of a Transition to Democracy

On 2 February 1990, a mere two months after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, State President F.W. de Klcrk announced the unbanning of the African National Congress (ANC), the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) and the South Africa.....

Executive Summary, Vol 1, No 6, February 1995

AB the time for delivery, rather than goal setting, for the RDP approaches, so the problems of both a technical and a financial nature loom ever closer. The economy is, all things considered, in better shape, even if sectors of business remain sceptical of all aspects of the RDP.

The RDP: Two Reviews - Half Full? .....or Half Empty

The ANC Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) aspires to be the most significant statement on SA society since the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955.


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