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The African National Congress

History of the ANC

Project on African Nationlism

African Nationalism  is fast becoming an undesirahle force in the wcrld today

What did they think they were doing? Chapter 2
Why did they do it? Chapter 1
The Democrat - Oct/Nov 1992

The Democrat - Newspaper

The Democrat - AUG 1992


Release of Political Prisoners: 1987

newspaper articles on the relaesa of political prisoners

Containing the Chiefs: The ANC and Traditional Leaders in the Eastern Cape

Traditional leadership in our country has lived for centuries and will continue to do so. It is our pride as the people of South Africa, and a tradition that cannot be divorced from us ...

Letter from Wolf to Petr Brown
Vision. The Paper for Change - Vol 8 No.11/12


The New African Vol 2 No.16

Newspaper publication

Letter from Peter Brown to Randolph Vigne
SA political press cuttings

Press cuttings

Call for immediate release of leaders held by police - Grey Street quiet as traders protest

MORE than 600 people........

Natal Indian Congress - monthly meeting of Executives

Meeting Agenda - 01 May 1949

Minutes of previous meeting - 3 April 1949

Interview with Randolph Vigne conducted by Magnus Gunther
Interview with Randolph Vigne
Letter from Peter Brown to Ann
Letter from Peter Brown to Jimmy Dey
Where Freedom Is Treason

The charge was based on the "Freedom Charter"......


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