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Book review: Peter Abrahams disappoints
Book review: youth in crisis
Boycott hits mining town hard
British Consulate Sit-In

Newspaper Aricles


Father Trevor Huddleston addressing the enormous crowd which gathered in Trafalgar Square, London, to launch the boycott of South African goods.

Burning the pass

Walter Sisulu burning his pass

Buthelezi versus Botha
Cato Manor

Cato Manor "raincoat" slum clearance, March 1958

Cato Manor

Removal of the last family and the demolition of the last shack at Cato Manor, 31 August 1964

Children of Soweto
Choice: Books for College Libraries
Christian institute memorandum on alternative policies

This is the Christian Institute memorandum on alternative policies in South Africa, April 1977.

Chronology of Important Events in South Africa

25,000 B.C., Earliest rock art paintings in southern Africa. ... 1877, Britain annexes South African Republic, renamed Transvaal. Xhosa-Mfengu warfare.

Civil Rights News Letter, April 1962
Civil Rights News Letter, August 1957
Civil Rights News Letter, December 1958
Civil Rights News Letter, December 1961
Civil Rights News Letter, July 1957
Civil Rights News Letter, July 1958


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