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Culture in its various manifestations can be used to liberate Black people and this memorandum discusses the importance of Black poetry, literature, music and fine art

Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.9 Mar 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.28 Jul 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.17 Apr 1960
CAP's way to dramatic new-style education
West African Pottery
African ivories
The Art of Africa: an introduction
West African wood carving
Religious patronage-Cyrene
The Art of Africa (III): West African Bronzes
The art of Susanne Wenger
Cultural considerations for a democratic South African Constitution

Paper produced by the ANC Department of Arts and Culture from an in-house seminar on Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa, held in Lusaka, Zambia.

Across the colour line: some remarks on South African writing


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