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Black Peoples Convention: Lenasia Branch and Durban Central lists of members and addresses

List of Black People's Convention members in Durban and Lenasia

Semicon, 30 August, 1974 to 2 September 1974 at St. Peter's Seminary, Hammanskraal

The programme for a semicon to be held 30 August, 1974 to 2 September 1974 at St. Peter's Seminary, Hammanskraal

Black People's Convention: press release 13 January 1972

This press release contains details of resolutions reached at the national conference of the Black People's Convention held between 17-19 December 1971

Statement issued by The Black Peoples Convention 11th July 1973

The statement was isued in reponse to an article in the Daily News dated 4th July 1973. In the article Chief Gatsha Buthelezi makes a derogatory reference to the anti-apartheid activist Professor Dennis Brutus as a "graduate of Robben Island".

Tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention

A tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention, after his assassination, with a call for solidarity in the liberation struggle.

Press release to the Rand Daily Mail

The Black People's Convention press release, signed by Nkwenkwe Nkomo, National Organiser, states that the convention has been mandated by Black people to utilise all available resources to achieve liberation for Black people in Azania.

Statement by BPC Vice-President

A press statement issued by the Black Peoples Convention, attacking Gatsha Buthelezi

Black Peoples Convention: Paper on Policy

Black Peoples Convention: Paper on Policy presented on 16 March, 1974, at the National Council Meeting and includes BPC policy on internal relations, international relations, sports, education, and news media

Black Peoples Convention Policy 9th June 1973

The National Executive Committee deemed it necessary to acquaint all Chairmen of Branches on BPC policy. These Chairmen will in turn guide their members on BPC policy especially in view of apparent misunderstaning by many members.

Black Peoples Convention: The April seminar on BPC administration and the implementation of BPC policies and National Congress resolutions

A brief discussion on Head office administration, Branch office administration and the implementation of BPC policies at executive level and the implementation of national congress resolutions.

General administration of the Black Peoples Convention

General administration of the Black Peoples Convention document that includes the Constitution and general administrative guidelines

Anglo-American influences on the Black conciousness movement

It was said by minions of the racist oppressive giant in South Africa that Black Conciousness was nothing but an importation of American Black power. African-Americanism was not only a struggle for power, but it was also a search for identity and the resugence of its cultural values.

Black Community Programmes Limited: Projects and people

A pamphlet containing photographs from projects of the Black Community Programmes.The goals of the Black Community Programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, create a sense of empowerment and to revitalise resources to meet its own needs

Statements on Black Consciousness and human rights

The Southern African Catholic Bishops, in their Plenary Session of 4 February 1974, recommended that these pamphlets be studied as part of a pledge of reconciliation, between God and man and between all men, The other two pamphlets, attached to the above pamphlet, were entitled "A call to workers

Students, politics, Black power, new movements and new appraisals

A SASO pamphlet containing the historical background of the students organisation, a list of Executive members, the 1971 programme of events and a SASO message of student unity

Black Community Programmes

This document contains suggestions for action for the Sprocas Black Community Programmes which were presented for discussion at the Sprocas Co-ordinating Group in September 1971 in Johannesburg. The contents represent a rationale for the Black Community Programmes ie.

Interview with Lebamang John Sebidi

Oral interview, in Johannesburg, with Lebamang John Sebidi, the first Black rector at St Peters Seminary at Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Interview with John Daniel

Oral interview, conducted in Mbabane, with John Daniel, a student leader at the University of Natal who twice served as president of the National Union of South African Students (1966 and 1968).

Interview with Steve Biko

Oral interview, in Durban, with Steve Biko, on the rise of Black Consciousness, the growing resistance of students by 1972 and the roles of organisations such as NUSAS and SASO.

Notes on political relations in Robben Island

Handwritten notes sent from Robben Island on Pan-Africanist Congress and African National Congress relations. Covers the PAC hostility towards the ANC and subsequent improved relations with the ANC.


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