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A White reaction to Black viewpoint

This journal article deals with the emergence of Black nationalism and the reaction of White (largely Afrikaner) Christians

The Black Peoples Convention

The article discusses the development of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) and The Black Peoples Convention and their contribution to the political struggle in South Africa.

Future state: A BPC projection and call of the youth

An article published in the journal Azania Combat that outlines the vision of the Black Peoples Convention for life in Azania and covers aspects such as land, education, religion, human rights, law, health.

Through the cross: the South African church's painful path to victory

Interview with Frank Chikane as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches

One base, two superstructures
Destroying the tadpole philosophy
Draft position paper on the Azanian sports manifesto
Draft position paper on the ideologies of Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness as they have developed in occupied Azania (ie South Africa)
Black theology revisited
In court - Azapo fights back against State action
Biko - the man
We Blacks
Biko lives
Black consciousness and the class struggle
AZAPO on the march
The definition of Black Consciousness


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