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Ethnicity and the problem of national integration in Africa A bibliographical survey
Freedom - New Series Vol 1 No 8 Special 194 Conference Issue
The Race Attitude in S.A.
Election 99: Was There a 'Coloured' and 'Indian' Vote?

In the Run‐up to the 1999 elections, both academia and the media assumed that there would be a ‘coloured’ and ‘Indian’ vote. This article challenges this assumption through a disaggregation of the election results.

South African Historical Society - Eighth Biennial Conference - 30-June 1981 - 3-July 1981

Southern African History: Perspectives and Future Directions

Coloured Peoples of South Africa

The brochure will give further details of our functions, details which should make it clear that the Department's sole aim is to concentrate on the needs of the Coloured people in certain spheres.

African and Afrikaner History

There can be little doubt that the new Oxford History of South Africa re- presents a major andessential first step in the rethinking of South African history. While in the 1930s and 1940s South …

South Africa - The Rainbow Nation and Prospects for Consolidating Democracy


India - The Communities that form the World's Largest Democracy

It is one of the two nation states which came into existence on.....

Indian Goodwill Club

Photograph of the Indian Goodwill Club

Mosque in Tongaat

Mosque in Tongaat

Letter from Jazmin to Sha

Dear Sha, today is mum’s birthday. We are at Aunt Phils place.

Pupils in Classes

Pupils in class

Group photograph of student and teachers

Students and teachers group photograph

Typing class at Sastri College

Typing class in session

Letter from Margaret to Cleminshaw

Many thanks for the most unexpected gift for Mrs Sophie Cobotwana.

Jonathan Paton class photograph, St Johns School, Johannesburg

Black and white print 16 x 21cm

Annexure containing summary of the conclusions reached by the Round Table Conference on the Indian question in South Africa.

Scheme af assisted emigration (I) Any Indian of 16 years or over may avail himself of the scheme. In case of a family, the decision of the father will bind the wife and minor children under 16 years...

Statement by the Indian Delegation at the Indian Conference held in Cape Town

Last Wednesday, you made an important statement in which you explained the impression and conclusions of the Union Delegation on the Cape Town Agreement.....


The Wragg Commission. A Study of Economic and Social factors

The Wragg Commission


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