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African National Congress' betrayal of a nation
An analysis of the interim report of the Commission of Inquiry

An analysis of the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry, including the establishment of the Commission and the operation of the Commission. Incomplete document.

Another point of view

Statement calling on the public to support a petition of the Students Representative Council of the University of Cape Town, asking the United Party to explain its stand on the banning of eight persons, seven of whom were office bearers of the National Union of South African Students.

Bechuanaland: the coveted liability

Looking at the relationship between South Africa and its Protectorates.

Bosses try to intimidate workers with a new Bill from Rabie
Chapter six: Coloured Representative Council
Cillie Commission
Ciskei Commission: Ciskei Economic Report

Ciskei economic report compiled by Mr Jacobs, Economic Adviser to the Ciskei.

Ciskei Commission: interviews

Transcript of interviews of E.N. Belewa and Mr Tindleni , to the Ciskei Commission of Inquiry, regarding the negative impact of separate development with particular reference to the Transkei and Ciskei.

Ciskei Commission: Report

Report by Secreatry of the Interior, Mr Marais, on the 'allocation' of Xhosa speaking people to the Ciskei and the Transkei.

Comments on the financial allegations contained in the 4th interim report of the Schlebusch/le Grange Commission

Comments by Finance Officer, elect, of the National Union of South African Students, refuting claims by the Schlebusch Commission of financial irregularities by the National Union. Cites sections of the auditors' certificates to support his refutation.

Consolidation 1971 - 1981: Ten years of confusion and delay
Death Squads: Momentous Issue Still to be Faced
Devlin in Southern Rhodesia
Diary of a country priest
Draft report for the Commission on the Improper Interference Bill

Draft report by the National Union of South African Students for submission to the Commission on the Improper Interference Bill. States objects and structure of the National Union and its policy and activities.

Editorial: Harms and Kriegler


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