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ANC Manifesto, 1999
We the People Election 94
Natal Indian Congress minutes document

A Meeting of members of the Committee and branch representatives who had not relinquished their offices was convened by the Patron of the Natal Indian Congress, Mr. E.M. Faruk, and held at 76 Commercial Road -Durban on Sunday the 4th February 1940......

Swaziland's road to danger

The present constitution for Swaziland can be said to be a tragic parting gift from Britain.

Nigeria's 100 days since the end of the old constitution - a clear look forward and to the past

>Nigeria's political system: the future.

After Nigeria's 100 days

The failure of liberal democracy through federalism.

Transkei self-government - To the Right of "Neo-Colonialism"

Opponents of the government's policy for the Transkei tend to divide into two camps.

Verwoerd's fatal mistake?

Editorial on Transkei's new status.

White island, Black ocean

Article about Southern Rhodesia's political situation

Editorial: Constitutions for Stability
Constitutional Changes
Why we are calling for a National Convention: Memorandum by
Post-apartheid health policies
Read, young lion, read
Democracy, socialism, and the future
Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa
The Black Sash National Conference presidential Address held at Cape Town, 1991

Opening Address by National President Mary Burton at the Black Sash National Conference held at Cape Town on 1 March 1991, discussing: Reconstruction, dismantling Apartheid, violence, making of a constitution, Bill of Rights, access to land.

Fighting out of darkness or moving gradually towards the light? presidential Address to the Black Sash National Conference held at Grahamstown, 1990

Opening Address by National President Mary Burton at the Black Sash National Conference held at Grahamstown on 2 March 1990, discussing: Release of Mandela, FW De Klerk and reform, end of Apartheid, ANC, Bill of Rights, Constitution.

Beyond reform: the challenge of change - NUSAS July festival speeches

Speeches presented at the NUSAS July festival held at the University of Cape Town which include speeches about State strategy regarding constitutional proposals, Bantustans, educational struggle, community organisation and worker organisation.

Inside the ANC Conference


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