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STATE OF THE WORLD Emerging Trends and Concerns
Work In Progress No 67, June 1990
DIMES newspaper articles
Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends in AAM.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends in AAM.


The Building has began. Goverments report on the Nation
Reconstruction for a democratic South Africa
1999 Year of Mass Mobilisation for the Renewal of the Democratic Mandate Statement of the National Executive Committee of the ANC on the 87th Anniversary of the African National Congress · 8 January 1999
Documents of the ANC Conference "Peoples of the World United Against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa": Arusha, Tanzania, 1-4 December 1987
A Discussion Document on Structures and Principles of a Constitution for a Democratic South Africa
We the People Election 94
South Africa: Is the Revolution Over?

Ten years ago, socialists around the world were active in the struggle apartheid in South Africa, and looked to it as a beacon of hope.

Letter from Andries du Toit to Peter Brown
Issues Relevant to the Development of a National Intelligence Policy Framework for a Democratic South Africa
Defence & Security in a Democratic South Africa

What form will the integration of MK, the homeland armies and the S.A.D.F. assume?
What will be the nature...

Letter from Mike Hart to Peter Brown
Discussion Document On How The ANC should Govern: By Ngoako Ramatlhodi

It is now three years since the ANC was elected to govern. Enough time has thus elapsed to allow for a review of how we have coped with the twin challenges of governing and effecting transformation of our country. In this regard, the focus shall be on the ANC and its Allies.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Rev Walker

My friend in the USA sent me your leaflet celebrating the victory Cuba in 1996 and celebrating the children of Cuba in 1997. Can you believe that even in a democratic SA we did not hear about the blockade of your caravan, We did not know of the fast. How are the 5 who fasted. We salute them.

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