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A peoples guide..... Budget 2004
"A man of keen perceptive faculties" : Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, an "Arab" in Colonial Natal, circa 1872-1887

Indians arrived in South Africa in two streams. Between 1860 and 1911, a total of 152 184 indentured labourers were introduced into colonial Natal mainly to work on the sugar plantations, though some were employed in other sectors of the economy. This initial flow …

'The Employment Process: A Manual on Black Labour'
A minimum wage for workers within the lower income group
A Nation at Work for a Better Life 2000

A Nation at Work for a Better Life 2000

A Tale of Two Nations: The Presentation of the National Question
ACT to Amend the Transvaal Land Tenure Act, 1932

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TO Amend the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act, 1932.


African population, employment and incomes on farms outside the reserves, 1923 - 1969

This study is a ccrnpanion to my'Agricultural Production in the African Reserves of South Africa, 1918-1969, and wherever possible uses the same methods. In neither study is …

ANC manifesto 2004
Annexure containing summary of the conclusions reached by the Round Table Conference on the Indian question in South Africa.

Scheme af assisted emigration (I) Any Indian of 16 years or over may avail himself of the scheme. In case of a family, the decision of the father will bind the wife and minor children under 16 years...

Applying for a job
Belgium: "Touth for Jobs" campaign
Budget 2002 a peoples guide
Business enterprises
Campaign for jobs or living benefits - NUWW
Case study: the Paterson System at a factory in Cape Town
Ciskei Manpower Development Programme

Ciskei Manpower Development Programme aimed to create employment opportunities for Ciskeians

Co-operative Planning and Education (Cope)
Coloured Cadets Bill


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