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The making of the working class: Part 14 - Resistance during the 50`s and 60`s
The hungry search for profit
The making of the working class: Part 12 - The first industrial unions
The making of the working class
The secret of profit uncovered
The making of the working class: Part 7 - Indian workers arrive
The making of the working class: Part 14 - The Council of Non-European Trade Unions
More profit to be made inother lands
The making of the working class: Part four - The mining revolution
The making of the working class: Part 11 - The ICU collapses

Collapses BY the end of 1924 paid up membership of the ICU stood at 11 000. Most of these members were concentrated in the Eastern and Western Cape.

The struggle for trade unions

When workers come together and decide to form an organisation to help them at their work, this organisation is called a trade union. But, as we will see it is not always easy to form trade unions, and workers have had a very long struggle to do so.

Only workers can directly challenge the capitalists

Workers around the world understood that if they joined together in groups and demanded better conditions and more pay, the owners of the factories would have to listen to them.

The making of the working class: Part 8 - 1907-1922 white workers revolt

The years 1907 to 1922 were a time of violent conflict between workers and capitalists on the Rand.

The conflict - a clash of cultures
Azania = Land of the Black people
Nusas 1966 -1986: an introduction

Introductory essay on the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) covering the period 1966 to 1986.

Historical perspectives and the effects of uprootal

This is an essay highlighting a few historical perspectives, brief historical review of migration of the period just before the Lifaqale, the review of the effects of the 1913 Native Land Act and subsequent related legislation is discussed and the effects of removals and resettlement.

Introductory essay: The African Communist

A scholarly introductory essay on the periodical The African Communist

Wanted: new premises for South Africa`s real history
Gold dust or cheap imitation?


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