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South Africa in Transition: The Five Freedoms Conference
Enlarging the Circle
Editorial: Thinking the Unthinkable
A Gain for Human Rights
Human Rights in a Diverse and Divided Society
Lawyers for Human Rights
The Human Rights Conference at the University of Cape Town
Liberalism and a Bill of Rights
Liberalism in a Divided Society
Constitutionsl guidelines for a democratic South Africa
Statements on Black Consciousness and human rights

The Southern African Catholic Bishops, in their Plenary Session of 4 February 1974, recommended that these pamphlets be studied as part of a pledge of reconciliation, between God and man and between all men, The other two pamphlets, attached to the above pamphlet, were entitled "A call to workers

Negotiations begin over mine Code of Conduct
The NUM Code of Conduct
Consultation in preparation for the meeting with law professors from white South Africa

Notes regarding a meeting to discuss and work out an agenda for an African National Congress meeting with South African Law professors.

Memorandum to the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development and Bantu Education

The memorandum provides a background to the political history of South Africa. The development of the policy of separate development and apartheid with a request for equal participation in decision making and administration at local and national government levels

Fifth Summit Conference of East and Central African States: Manifesto on Southern Africa

The Lusaka Manifesto, with a letter from the Representative of the Republic of Zambia requesting the Manifesto be circulated as an official document of the United Nations Security Council

Human rights and reparations
The concept of apartheid
Dr Dubois is ninety


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