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Indian Employment
The Indian in South Africa: Separation or Co-operation
Indian Family outside hut

Beyond indenture and until the 1960s, the majority of the descendants of the Indian indentured continued to experience abnormal family life ...

Tongaat Sugar Cane Field

Tongaat was established in 1945 and its name was taken from the name of the uThongathi River which passes by the town: ...


Phoenix is a former Indian township, northwest of Durban, in South Africa. ... by the apartheid government in 1976, but it has a long history of Indian occupation.

Phoenix - Indian Township

Phoenix, some 20km northwest of central Durban, was established as township in 1976. But is said to be one of the oldest Indian settlements in South Africa, ...

Cato Manor 1914

the Beginnings of Cato Manor. In 1914, Cato subdivided the farm into a number of smallholdings which he then sold to prominent ...

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