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Natal Indian Congress gains property cash
Legal and corresondence documents of the N.I.C.
Legal Documents and Correspondences of the N.I.C
Legal correspondences and letters of the N.I.C. and Livingston, Doull and Dumat
Statements and letters submitted by the Natal Indian Congress to Honorable Minister of Finance
Legal documents and correspondences of the N.I.C.
Statement prepared by the Natal Indian Congress to the Education Inquiry Commission

The Chairman and members of the Education Inquiry Commission.....

Penal and Prison reform commission

Memorandum N.I.C. 

Mr A I Kajee's speech at the Bar of the Natal Provincial Council
Memorandum of the N.I.C. - 17th July 1944

N.I.C. Draft Ordinance

Preliminary Statement of the N.I.C. - 2nd June 1944

The Natal Indian Judical Commission

Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the N.I.C.

Interview with representatives of the Tongaat.......

Memorandum of objectives submitted to the Hon. The Minister of Welfare and Demobilisation

The Minister of Welfare and Demobilisation by the Natal Indian Congress on the Draft regulations proposed to be made under the Housing (Emergency Powers) ACT (No.45, 1945)……

Natal Indian Congress statement to Durban passenger transport commission of enquiry


Report of the N.I.C. Passive resistance campaign in Natal

N.I.C. documents

Reply of the NIC to the Prime ministers note of 30 November 1944


1940s NIC correspondence Memo to Smuts


Memorandum Submitted by the N.I.C. - 8 to 10 Feb 1946

N.I.C. documents

N.I.C. Memorandum to Prime minister

Natal Indian Congress

Natal Indian Congress Memorandum to Prime minister



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