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Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Howard to Phyllis Naidoo

I spoke to you about the case of Guy Berger and others presently detained under the Terrorism Act at Fort Glamorgan, East London.

Letter from Jeannie to Phyllis Naidoo

I am terribly embarrassed in one of my occasional bouts with cleaning, I have uncovered your last letter, dated (gasp) March. Where did April and may go? To atone for my sins, I’m sending you this collector’s item, maybe you can sell it for enormous sums in a few years.


University Report: BBC African Service, no. 161, 1971
Interview with Nalini Naidoo, conducted by Mary Kleinenberg
Our Chapel isn't big enough
For Nat Nakasa

Nat Nakasa, South African journalist, worked on "Post" and "Drum" in Johannesburg and was founding editor of "The Classic". He went to Harvard University in 1964. In terms of the South African exit permit which enabled him to take up a fellowship, he was forbidden to return to South Africa.

The press
Restating our policy
Outlaw Newspaper Monopolies
Casey and Company
New Age Vol.1 No.2 Nov. 1954
New Age Vol.1 No.1 Oct. 1954
Dawn raids on city clergy and journalists

This is the letter form Rev James Kirkwood to Dear friends and Theo and Helen Kotze concerning persecution of the Kotzes in 5 December 1977.

An open letter from Strini Moodley to the 'Fakir' of the 'Leader' and the 'Sadiq Ally 'of the 'Graphic'

Strini Moodley examines the writings of journalists in Indian weekly newspapers who show no affiliation or sensitivity to the opressed persons of South Africa.

Where I stand

Reprint in a journal of an Address given to the Pretoria Press Club given by Bishop Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches.

Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.16 May 1958


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