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A Reply
Editorial: Disatrous Failure by Leaders
Editorial: Credibility in Tatters
Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd: A Liberal Assessment
Great so Far! But Not Yet Great Enough
South Africa After Mandela
Liberal Opinion/Reality

Liberal Opinion (1961-1968) was published by the Liberal Party of South Africa which was established in 1953 by Alan Paton, after the National Government had won its second General Election.

Memorial Service for Oliver Tambo: Order of service

Order of service for Oliver Tambo's memorial service.

University of the Western Cape, Special Graduation Ceremony, 25 October 1991

Programme for Oliver Tambo's honorary degree ceremony at the University of the Western Cape, 15 October 1991. Includes the words of the South African national anthem

Tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention

A tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention, after his assassination, with a call for solidarity in the liberation struggle.

Statement by BPC Vice-President

A press statement issued by the Black Peoples Convention, attacking Gatsha Buthelezi

Christmas statement by leaders of the Black People's Convention in indefinite detention.

Through the external representative of the Black People's Convention, Mr Ranwedzi Nengwekhulu the statement was received from the BPC president , Mr Kenneth Rachidi and other members of the BPC held in Modder B prison.

To Nelson Mandela: Statement of the South African Church leaders on the occasion of his 70th birthday
President O R Tambo: political profile on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Local Organisation:fact paper

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organizing ability of its leaders. This paper maps out a guide toward effective leadership amongst the Black community particularly in the home situation.

Interview with Ambrose Makiwane

Oral interview, conducted at Cala, with Ambrose Makiwane. Makiwane entered Fort Hare in 1955, when he was age 34. His family lacked the means to send him earlier, and he had been expelled from Clarkebury after a student strike.

Interview with Julius Nyerere

Oral interview with Julius K. Nyerere (1922-1999), the first president of Tanzania (known as Tanganyika until 1964).

Interview with John Daniel

Oral interview, conducted in Mbabane, with John Daniel, a student leader at the University of Natal who twice served as president of the National Union of South African Students (1966 and 1968).

New Age Vol.8 No.15 Jan. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.17 Feb. 1962


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