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Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act, Act No 26 of 1970

Act to provide for citizenship of certain Bantu homelands and for the issue of certificates of citizenship to Bantu persons;in connection therewith to amend certain laws; and to provide for incidental matters.

Assessing the proposed amendments to the LRA
MOSA regulations
Taxes, subsidies and fiscal crisis
The Planning Act and the Transvaal clothing industry
Workmens compensation - who pays the price?
Are works committees in other countries effective?
An examination of the Medical Schemes Act, 1967
The 1991 Labour Relations Amendment Act
Statement on the Internal Security Bill

Statement issued by the South African Council of Churches (SACC) expressing discontent about the Internal Security Bill, formerly known as Promotion of State Security Bill. Includes a statement about the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Bill

Housing for control
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.17 May 1956
Indian Opinion Vol.53 No.26 Jul 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.4 Jan 1954
What rights have workers under these laws: disciplinary labour laws in Angola
From Cape Town parliament

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The making of the working class
Workers beware
Unions take a joint stand
FOSATU Central Committee on the amended Industrial Conciliation Act


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