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Prohibition of Political Interference Act, Act No 51 of 1968

The Act was to prohibit intereference by one population group in the politics of any other population group and the receipt by political parties of financial assistance from abroad

Terrorism Act 1967, Act No 83 of 1967

The Act was to prohibit terroristic activities and to amend the law relating to criminal procedure; and to provide for other incidental matters

Permit in terms of the Departure from the Union Regulations Act, 1955

Departure permits for Jack and Ray Simons issued on the 28th April 1965.

Urban Bantu Councils Act, Act No 79 of 1961

The Act was to provide for the establishment of urban Bantu councils, the conferring on certain Bantu of civil and criminal jurisdiction in urban areas, the establishment of community guards in certain areas, and matters incidental thereto, and to amend the Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act

Coloured Persons Communal Reserves Act, Act No 3 of 1961

The Act was to apply the Mission Stations and Communal Reserves Act 1909, of the Cape of Good Hope, to coloured persons settlement areas within the meaning of the Coloured Persons Settlement Areas (Cape) Act, 1930, to repeal the latter Act and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

Unlawful Organizations Act, Act No 34 of 1960

The Act was to empower the Governor-General, with a view to the safety of the public or the maintenance of public order, by proclamation in the Gazette to declare the Pan Africanist Congress and the African National Congress and certain other organizations to be unlawful organizations, to amend t

Promotion of Bantu Self-governing Act, Act No 46 of 1959

The Act was to provide for the gradual development of self-governing Bantu national units and for direct consultation between the Government of the Union and the said national units in regard to matters affecting the interests of such national units; to amend the Native Administration Act, 1927,

Bantu Investment Corporation Act, Act No 34 of 1959

The Act was to constitute a Corporation the object of which is to promote and encourage industrial and other undertakings and to act as a development, financial and investment institution among Bantu persons in the Bantu areas, and to provide for other incidental matters

Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act, Act No 26 of 1970

Act to provide for citizenship of certain Bantu homelands and for the issue of certificates of citizenship to Bantu persons;in connection therewith to amend certain laws; and to provide for incidental matters.

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