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Towards an African literature VIII: conflicts and loyalties
Towards an African literature IV: the dawn of literature among the Xhosa
Book reviews

Draft editorial by I B Tabata, possibly for publication in Ikhwezi Lomso, on the current political situation in South Africa.

The National Situation: the real problems of the liberatory movement 3

Draft of an article by I B Tabata on the political situation in South Africa and an alliance of the African National Congress, the Coloured People's Union and the South African Indian Congress.

Divine Right

Draft of editorial by I B Tabata for the independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso, following the death of Strydom and his replacement by Dr Verwoerd.

Taxing destitution

Editorial for the independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso by I B Tabata, regarding the Budget Speech.

The gathering storm
Jack Cope on Bantu oral poetic tradition
Across the colour line: some remarks on South African writing


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