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Informal traders
Cosatu Press Cuttings
The Classroom Struggle
FOCUS: No 92 January-February 1991

Talks under pressure Government accused of bad faith Differing interpretations by the ANC and the South African....

ANC Conference

ANC Conference at Makgasa Hall Bochabela Bloemfontein votes for mass action 1951

The Patriotic Front: Can it prevent a Constituent Assembly compromise?
Programme of Mass Action against Natal violence continues

Press statement regarding the programme of mass action against Natal violence and the organisations are determined to continue with their programme of mass action for peace, until the government takes decisive steps to end this violence.

Statement of the National Executive Committee on the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the African National Congress, January 8, 1991

Speech made by Deputy ANC President, Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of the organisation's 79th anniversary. Includes an introductory statement by Oliver Tambo.

Has the time come for arming the masses?

Notes delivered by Joe Nhlanhla at a regional Youth seminar on the call to arm the masses. Asks whether this call is realistic or emotional.

Women in action
Mass action planned in education
A brief general statement on the political situation in South Africa

Statement by the ANC National Executive Committee on the current political situation in South Africa, as examined by the meeting of the ANC National Executive Committee in Zambia, August 27-31 in 1971. Calls for unity and united action for the seizure of power.

Appeal to the United Nations, to all Governments, Trade Union Organisations and Mass Organisations

ANC Appeal to the United Nations, to all Governments, Trade Union Organisations and Mass Organisations for the United Nations Organisation to take measures to secure the release of political prisoners and banned people, and for governments to demand the release of all political prisoners, and ban

COSATU Special Congress
NUSAS talks to the ANC

Subtitled: Reportback on meeting between the National Union of South African Students and the African National Congress held from Sunday, 31 March to Tuesday, 2 April [1986] in Harare, Zimbabwe.

ANC Call to the Nation: the future is within our grasp!

Pamphlet issued by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress. Call to the nation saying that change in South Africa is moving at a rapid pace and that intensified struggle is necessary.

Union and bosses deadlock on wages: diamond strike looming
Editorial comment
Lipuisano ka meputso mahareng a mokhatlo oa basebetsi le bahiri li hloleha ho tsoelapele : seterake merafong ea taemane (article written in Sotho language)
Matsoe a mohlophisi (article written in Sotho language)


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